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Salveo Agro™


Executive Summary

A killer disease inexplicably turns up in banana plantations and it moves by “stealth transmission”, spreading before symptoms even show. Once infected, it is already too late to stop it – there is no treatment or cure. Life will never be the same again. Sound familiar?

Although this may sound amazingly similar to Covid-19, Panama disease or FOC TR4 is a fungal infection that affects bananas in the soil causing the plants to die and it effects the soil for many decades. TR4 has been raging through banana farms for the past 30 years with the current mutation. Recently, the pandemic has accelerated, spreading from Asia to Australia, the Middle East, Africa and recently to Latin America, where the majority of the bananas are grown. TR4 is now in more than 21 countries, triggering fears of a “banana pandemic” and shortages of the world’s favorite fruit.

According to the Food Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, “TR4 is the most destructive of all banana plant diseases. ‘Bios-security measures’ including on-farm quarantine are recommended to lessen its spread, but there is no known fungicidal treatment.” TR4 is creating billions in economic losses for countries, and job loss.

Tectus Matrix® is the solution. It has been proven on live Cavendish bananas at Texas A&M University to prevent and cure the TR4 disease. Tectus Matrix® represents a viable market solution for, not only bananas infected with TR4, but also with many other commercial crops facing different plant pathogens, including plant bacteria. Salveo’s natural formulas have the efficacy of agro-chemicals without the negative side-effect of chemicals.

Salveo is a Florida Corporation founded in July 2016 and created to save the bananas. Tectus Matrix® has been successfully tested on plant pathogens on bananas, rice, cut flowers, grass turf, coffee, tomatoes, grapes, and cacao and the biostimulant formulas have been shown to increase product yield.

Salveo’s nanotechnology patented formula(s) treats agriculture pathogens on plants, animals, birds, and fish. It is a sustainable invention with the power to replace synthetic chemicals, a much-needed innovation for farmers, consumers and the environment.

Investing in Salveo Agro is not just an investment in our products, but an investment in the future of agriculture. With our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions, Salveo Agro is poised for continued growth and success.

So, don't wait any longer, join us on our mission to revolutionize agriculture and protect the world's banana supply. Invest in Salveo Agro today!

Join us in Changing the World, One Farm at a Time®.


The secret behind Tectus Matrix® is a disruptive world innovation and a high performance systemic acting formula that utilizes quantum mechanics. The manufacturing process and products are non-toxic for humans and the planet! The Tectus Matrix® manufacturing process and delivery system is unique and patented.

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Salveo, Inc. is an agriculture biotech manufacturer of natural fungicides, bactericides and biostimulants.

Florida, USA | Cuenca, Ecuador

Tel: +1.954.900.1988

What is Tectus Matrix®?

Salveo’s product platform Tectus Matrix® (“tectus” means ‘to protect’ in Latin) is made utilizing a patented nanotechnology with completely natural ingredients. Tectus Matrix® use can have a vital impact on the health of agricultural workers, everyone and everything that eats food and the planet itself.

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